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Information Bulletin #7

Summary of Activities

Since the release of its report in September 2012 the Management Committee has committed a total of $4.5 million towards environmental enhancement in the Nechako...
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Oct 3, 2014

Information Bulletin #6

NEEF Report Finalised and Available

Since the mid-May release of Information Bulleting #5 and subsequent public and stakeholder meetings in Vanderhoof at the end of May (2012) the NEEF...

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Sep 12, 2012

Featured Project

Nechako River Sustainability

Nechako Environmental and Water Stewardship Society (NEWSS) will carry out stream restoration works on 30 streams within the Nechako Valley watershed. These projects include but are not limited to bank stabilization, fencing (keeping livestock out of riparian zones), harden crossing of streams...

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NEEF Report - September 2012

NEEF Summary Report - June 2001

NEEF Report - June 2001

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